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Group Info Group Founded 6 Years ago Statistics 509 Members
160,902 Pageviews781 Watchers

Gallery Folders

Completed Models
Spitfires - Collage by Malte279
Spitfires - Let's take off! Altius volantis! by Malte279
Spitfires - Forward and upward is the way to fly! by Malte279
Spitfires - Does this thing fly? by Malte279
Major Characters
Tender Taps Papercraft by Grulaz
Princess Flurry Heart Papercraft By Kituoshi by Kituoshi
Ma Hooffield papercraft by Grulaz
Dean Cadance (JCG 114) by ELJOEYDESIGNS
Minor Characters
Saffron Masala papercraft by Grulaz
Mr.Shy papercraft by Grulaz
Mrs.Shy papercraft by Grulaz
Zephyr Breeze papercraft by Grulaz
Background Characters
Police Pony papercraft by Grulaz
Ruby Love papercraft by Grulaz
Eclair Creme papercraft by Grulaz
Night Glider (Joinys 033) by ELJOEYDESIGNS
Changeling papercraft by Grulaz
Svengallop papercraft by Grulaz
Spoiled Rich papercraft by Grulaz
Poseable Papercraft Teddy Fan Art by jimbox31
Empyrea The Pony Papercraft by jimbox31
Gamepad papercraft by Grulaz
Macereina Papercraft Pattern by RainyHooves
rainbow blitz by DryRouteToDevon
Kenny-chan Kawaii princessu! by ALIENmantis
Rory Williams by DryRouteToDevon
Amy Pond by DryRouteToDevon
Fallout Equestria LittlePip Pattern by Blubaxp
Other Types
King Sombra Paper Mache by vegeta0777
Cardstock Queen Chrysalis by RazgrizInferno
Applejack Paper work by SEWLDE
Cubee Chibi
Lemon Zest *Equestria Girls* by superkamiguru5
Sugarcoat *Equestria Girls* by superkamiguru5
Sour Sweet *Equestria Girls* by superkamiguru5
Sunny Flare *Equestria Girls* by superkamiguru5
Extras Items
Pony Windmill Carousel by lissyo
Rainbow Dash Gala Dress Building Process by ELJOEYDESIGNS
Diorama Backgrounds
Background - Ponyville home interior by Malte279
Blank Templates
Paper Pony Base by sodanyan40
Item Vectors
SCC - Lollipops by Faultekaiser
Nature Vectors
Hill 01 by SVGWolf
Major characters HUMANIZED
Rainbow Dash (Joey's Chibi Girls 039) by ELJOEYDESIGNS
Minor characters HUMANIZED
Vinyl Scratch (Joey's Chibi Girls 048) by ELJOEYDESIGNS

What Members Use To Make The Templates

hatoCAFE - Paint Tool Sai
FyreWytch - Adobe Illustrator
Kna - Corel Draw 9
RocketmanTan - Inkscape
demonreapergirl - Inkscape
DryRouteToDevon - MS Paint
Rettro - Adobe Flash CS6
jv9ufxcy - Gimp
RainyHooves - MS Paint
Blubaxp - Inkscape
Freetoys Adobe Illustrator

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:iconponiessuperplus: poniessuperplus dominare artem equi :iconmy-little-crafters: My-Little-Crafters :iconmane-iac-fan-club: MANE-IAC-fan-club This is the 1st MANE-IAC Group! :icon20-percent-craftier: 20-Percent-Craftier :iconchibi-templates: Chibi-Templates One-Stop Place for Paperdolls

Group Info

Exactly what it says on the tin, this group holds everything papercraft and pony related!

General Submission Rules
We're by no means an elite art group; we want to encourage everyone of all skill levels to practice and keep improving their work. But, to make sure that what goes in here has quality of some sort, here are some basic ground rules:

* Please make sure that what you're submitting here is one of your best works. We will not accept messy templates that cannot be built properly within Euclidean space. A basic rule of papercrafting and paper modeling is that you must always testbuild your stuff before releasing it.

* No Pony Creator...things. The app is nothing more than a game and is by no means a substitute for photoshop, SAI, Inkscape, or any other software. These will be sent to the moon, no questions asked.

* If you are doing a recolor of someone's art, please credit the original artist. Each artist has their own style; most of us will be able to detect what's a recolor and what is not. Mutual respect for each and every artist is of the utmost importance, and art theft is always frowned upon.

* Again, quality. We're not asking for the Sistine Chapel, but please make sure that what you're submitting is clean, crisp, distinguishable as a papercraft, and doesn't look like it was doodled in the middle of an earthquake. PROTIP: Mspaint is NOT a good choice for drawing.

* Most importantly, have fun and treat everypony with respect. After all, what good is a deviantArt group if everypony's unhappy? You're always welcome to hit up the "join" button, and we encourage you to do so!
Founded 6 Years ago
Sep 15, 2011


Group Focus
Resources & Tutorials

509 Members
781 Watchers
160,902 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews
DA Birthday Giveaway by FyreWytch

That's right, lovies! I am sponsoring a giveaway in honor of my birthday next week!


To enter, all you need to do is comment on the deviation for the prizes!
Your names will be entered into an excel document, given a number, and a random number generator will choose the winners!

This giveaway I decided to do to share with my Papercrafting Pony friends!

This is an ENTIRELY SEPARATE giveaway from the giveaway on my tumblr, so if you entered that one, you can enter this one too!

You cannot win two prizes in any one contest! So if you win a third place prize, you will not be eligible for the grand prize!

Winners will be chosen on August 4th, 2014!


Spread the word, have fun, and help me celebrate my birthday! <3<3<3
Ladies and Gentlemen -

For the longest time the admins of MPP have assessed any claims of bullying on a case-by-case basis. Given the nature of this fandom, it worked well. However, we have recently had considerable trouble with a few users - all were banned from this group and several later received bans from deviantArt itself. It is because of this that I am making this journal - to lay out a few rules and offer an out to anyone on the other end of things.

First and most importantly:
If you EVER feel as if you are being harassed, bullied, targeted, or if any MPP member has made you uncomfortable, send the admins a note using the yellow "Send a Note" button at the top of the MPP page. All of us receive notification whenever a note comes in, and I have never seen a note take more than 24 hours to receive attention. We are here to help you, just reach out to us.

Now, regarding the actual bullying policy:
DeviantArt is at its core an internet text and image based communication system. Because of this, no matter what a bully intends to do, we will find what they have done and use that evidence against them.

Forms of bullying we've seen:
- Conversations in comments about deviants - either including them or not - that include violence, rumors of law breaking, and general making fun of.
- Journal entries calling out deviants, usually accusing them of lying or misrepresenting themselves. This is difficult because the deviant being talked about can easily never see the journals.
- Deviations blatantly stealing other deviant's works or threatening violence against other deviants.
- Impersonating a member of deviantArt staff and threatening to ban a deviant. This is not only harassment, it is VERY against the rules of deviantArt itself.
- Using multiple accounts to avoid being banned. This is difficult to prove, but we need to remember that on the internet you can be anyone. If it seems like the world hates you, it could just be one madman with many users. They can be stopped.

Remember people, this is a group dedicated to ponies, crafts, and fun. Nobody should be reluctant to come here, and if they are the admins WILL do something about it.

To the other admins: I know we discussed these rules but I am literally writing them now, so if you have any complaints about the wording or want to add anything... well... we're all admins so just edit the journal :)
More Journal Entries


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paulwellerfan79 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017
Hi!!  I'm offering 100 points to anyone here that can take my requests.  Can anyone make me some ponified Monkees paper craft ponies, please.  This picture will provide excellent reference material.  Any help would make me happy.  Thank you.  :heart:…
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SUPERAWESOMEGIRL189 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
plz someone make shining armor
juankmlo Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016  Professional General Artist
Does anyone have minerug's paper pdf's?? i only downloaded the generic pony model :S and now they're gone
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Jukdeb Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016
boe teria algum video para me ensinar a montar os modelos dos poneys? minha filha esta louca para telos mas estou com dificuldades para montar, muito obrigado desde ja. 
Grulaz Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
hey yall i don't know about you but i think we should make this group active again...
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